About The School

Dr. Arthur J. Newman and Dr. Robert E. White founded the Oakwood School in 1980.  Oakwood School is a non-profit, non-sectarian New Jersey Private School for the Disabled. The school serves adolescents age 11-21 in middle school and high school. Over 25 school districts in Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex and Union counties refer their special needs children to us. Our primary population is learning and/or language impaired children (including high-functioning Autism) with concomitant social (anxiety, phobia, etc.) or behavior issues.

Oakwood School’s teaching staff is highly qualified, caring and dedicated to enriching student’s lives. Our approximate 2-1 student/staff ratio and small intimate setting maximizes learning of the Common Core Curriculum Standards and obtaining personal growth. Our safe, nurturing atmosphere encourages students to develop their academic potential, self-control, self-esteem and to function as independently as possible upon graduation. A school-wide Positive Behavioral Support program in conjunction with a Collaborative Problem Solving model enhances character development and socialization skills acquisition. Additionally, the YMCA  Y-Achiever Program is offered to enhance job preparation, training and acquisition skills. Educational and character/socialization enrichment programs are evidenced based and scientifically researched to maximize the potential for success.

Oakwood School has self-contained and departmentalized classrooms. The Oakwood staff, Child Study Team (CST), and parents assess each student’s needs and an appropriate educational program is established. Related services include group and individual counseling.

At Oakwood School students fit in F*A*S*T: they have FUN, achieve ACADEMIC potential, learn SOCIALIZATION/CHARACTER skills, and prepare for the TRANSITION after high school.  

If you are interested in visiting our school, it is suggested that your local school district facilitate an interview; we encourage you to include them in the entire interviewing and enrollment process. If you have questions about our school please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone.

We encourage private placements as well. If you prefer to not use your local child study team to place your child, please contact Mr. Jerry Dougherty, Director, or Dr. Robert White, Assistant Director for an interview.