Introducing… Media Arts!


The Media Arts Class is learning about the history of anime.
Students have been drawing their own anime characters and improving their shading skills.
Students are looking forward to watching the award winning full-length anime film, “Spirited Away”.



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Third Annual Oakwood School Art Show is an Epic Event!

The art show was a huge success thanks to all those who attended: staff, parents, administration, community, and especially our  hardworking students.  There were so many positive comments from visitors who enjoyed the show during the week, that the Middletown Arts Center would like to keep the show up for another week!  The show will run until May 9th.  Come check it out!

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Academy Awards Celebration Oakwood Style

The Media Arts and Film Appreciation classes teamed up to celebrate the yearly pomp and circumstance of the the Academy Awards. The event was held as the culmination of each classes units on The Academy Awards and its relationship with the current times that we live in. The unit emphasized the role that film can play in speaking to the audiences of different generations. The students took a stab at predicting the winners of this years Academy Awards in the categories of Animated Films, Documentaries, Visual Effects, and Best Film. Pull up a chair, and grab some popcorn, the movie starts now!

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Oakwood Students are YMCA Teen Achievers

The Community YMCA Teen Achievers program is open to middle and high school students ages 12-17. Groups meet locally at school and/or community centers.  The program provides students with mentoring, guidance on preparing for college and support for a successful school-to-work transition.

Students connect with peers and adults who care about their success, participate in skill-building workshops and seminars, experience College Days and visits to colleges for campus tours. The Achievers program also offers a paid internship program to those who qualify. Oakwood’s Achievers Career Training Class meets weekly and gets things done. Go Future! Go Oakwood!


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Oakwood Student Gives Back!

Pictured left is Dr. Robert White, former Executive Director of Oakwood School, and Jeff Bollermann (class of ’81) donating $5000 to his alma mater. This donation is through the auspices of the New Jersey Natural Gas company. Jeff was Dr. White’s student, and one of the original students when Oakwood School began in 1980. When Jeff graduated he worked for a year as an aide at Oakwood. Later he began working for the New Jersey Natural Gas company. Today, he is the President/Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. When asked why he facilitated this donation through NJNG, Jeff stated, “If it wasn’t for Dr. Newman, Dr. White and Oakwood School, I don’t know what would have happened to me.” Dr. White commented, “I am humbled by this gift. I cannot express the joy and satisfaction I feel knowing one of my boys has given back to Oakwood; it is a gesture of love and appreciation.” Also in the pictured above from the left are Mr. Thomas Hayes, the Director of Customer and Community Relations for NJNG,  and Mr. Jerry Dougherty, Executive Director of Oakwood School.

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Ocean County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Sketch Artist Visits Oakwood School


On January 7th the Forensic Science class had a guest speaker from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office. Forensic Sketch Artist Daimon Santa Maria came to discuss where science and art meet in the pursuit of justice. Mr. Santa Maria explained how he uses surveillance video footage and or witness recollection to draw a composite sketch of criminal suspects. When working with witnesses his process starts with putting them at ease and showing them reference books of faces and heads to help them recall descriptions of the suspects face and hair. His drawings are intended to be a sketch of the suspect and not an exact photographic image. This process allows for the public to be able to interpret the image for possible suspects. If the completed sketch causes an emotional response for the witness Santa Maria knows that he has hit a nerve and is on the right track, be it in the art or science, of pursuing justice.


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Students Put Their Own Spin on the News

Oakwood’s Current World Issues Class is busy recording their very own Oakwood Now news program. Students completed the research, wrote the script, helped with lighting, filming and anchored the program. Stay tuned for more developments on that story!

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Team MOakwood takes on Movember

Welcome to our 3rd Annual Movember campaign, a school-wide event to bring awareness to Men’s Health Issues. Our students are encouraged to get involved with the cause. Students can donate their classroom loot, they can make posters, purchase t-shirts with class loot, and/or wear a stache for a day. Our generous Movember coordinators acknowledge these efforts by our students and in return make a monetary donation on behalf of that student. All students have the opportunity to participate.

Last year Oakwood School raised over $500 dollars in donations. This was an amazing feat. Our goal is to raise more than $600 this year.

Visit our Homepage to track our progress or to make a donation!

Thank you for your support!





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Kateri Environmental Center – Fall Trip

Oakwood School rocked it out on the rock wall. The air was crisp, but the heat generated from the speed runs up and down the wall kept us all warm. After a quick lunch, some team building and problem solving challenges provided some good laughs and solid lessons. Special thanks to the folks at Kateri. See you again soon!

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Oakwood Gets Creative About Bullying

The New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (P.L. 2010, c.122) requires that the week beginning with the first Monday in October of each year be designated as the Week of Respect.   Each year the Oakwood School community goes above and beyond what is expected to support anti-bullying efforts and to promote respect among all people.

This year we have begun an annual competition in order to support the Week of Respect. Homeroom teachers will compete to see who has the best “anti-bullying” message-decoration on their respective doors. The winner of best door message/design will get the coveted “Door Prize!”

Feel free to email us with your ideas on who should win this prestigious trophy. in the subject line please label the email “Door Prize”

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