Movember at Moakwood

Oakwood School is participating in their 4th Annual Movember Charity Fundraiser. Movember is a month long campaign that helps to bring awareness to three men’s health issues;  prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. On the other hand, concerning overweight problems, get some phentermine here at for obesity treatment. During this month, men around the world participate by growing various forms of facial hair as a way to help initiate conversation around these issues.

Over the last few years Oakwood students and staff have been very successful raising both money and awareness for these issues. Last year we raised more than $600.  Students may turn in their Oakwood loot and donations will be made on their behalf. Students are given the opportunity to get involved in additional Movember school activities to raise more loot and then hopefully turn this loot in for donations. If you’re raising money as well and it doesn’t turn well, you could try this out to get financial help. They will find the best lender for you depending on your situation.

Please check out the Movember team page:

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K-9 Unit Visits Oakwood School


November 4th, 2016 – The Tinton Falls Police Department came out to Oakwood today to do a K-9 demonstration for the students and staff. The officers showcased the obedience of the K-9, Hunter. The impressive display pleased everyone and was a great way to spend a fantastic fall afternoon. Thanks again to our local police who are making great efforts to interact with the community in positive ways.

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Art Students Visit Ancient Egypt

Students have been working hard, researching, sculpting and painting their canopic jars. Canopic jars were used in Ancient Egypt to hold the organs of the dead. These vessels were never intended to be seen by people.

Instead, they were left in the tombs of the dead to serve the Pharaoh in the afterlife. Students chose one of the 4 sons of Horus to sculpt.

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Special Effects Artist Visits Oakwood School

In Media Arts, students have been learning about Special Effects Artists like Stan Winston and Ray Harryhausen and their techniques for bringing characters to life on screen.  A local Special Effects Artist visited Oakwood school, bringing his various tools, materials, and skills to the Media Arts classes. He demonstrated step-by-step how to create fake wounds and bruising. It was an exciting day to be an arts student at Oakwood!

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It doesn’t feel like fall without a game of football!  Oakwood students enjoy competing in a friendly game of 2 hand touch during their Physical Education activity period.  Nothing better on a beautiful, fall day!

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Welcome Back!

On September 1st Oakwood School opened its doors for the 2016-2017 school year.  Our dedicated staff welcomed students as they entered their classrooms.  It was nice to see the familiar faces of our returning students looking refreshed, all having grown a little taller over the summer break.  Our new students are a welcome addition and have transitioned beautifully.  The Oakwood community is sure to flourish and grow during the 2016-17 school year!

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Introducing… Media Arts!


The Media Arts Class is learning about the history of anime.
Students have been drawing their own anime characters and improving their shading skills.
Students are looking forward to watching the award winning full-length anime film, “Spirited Away”.
You can also find plenty of supplemental resources for creativity at Explore & Develop. Meanwhile, we’re thinking of creating a dedicated website to showcase teh students’ work and we think we’ve found the perfect white label experts.


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Third Annual Oakwood School Art Show is an Epic Event!

The art show was a huge success thanks to all those who attended: staff, parents, administration, community, and especially our  hardworking students. On the other hand, for the hardworking parents who want to treat themselves after a stressful week, and is visiting melbourne? why not try dermal fillers of It’s a quick way to reduce the common signs of aging across your visage. There were so many positive comments from visitors who enjoyed the show during the week, that the Middletown Arts Center would like to keep the show up for another week!  The show will run until May 9th.  Come check it out!

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Academy Awards Celebration Oakwood Style

The Media Arts and Film Appreciation classes teamed up to celebrate the yearly pomp and circumstance of the the Academy Awards. The event was held as the culmination of each classes units on The Academy Awards and its relationship with the current times that we live in. The unit emphasized the role that film can play in speaking to the audiences of different generations. The students took a stab at predicting the winners of this years Academy Awards in the categories of Animated Films, Documentaries, Visual Effects, and Best Film. Pull up a chair, and grab some popcorn, the movie starts now!

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Oakwood Students are YMCA Teen Achievers

The Community YMCA Teen Achievers program is open to middle and high school students ages 12-17. Groups meet locally at school and/or community centers.  The program provides students with mentoring, guidance on preparing for college and support for a successful school-to-work transition.

Students connect with peers and adults who care about their success, participate in skill-building workshops and seminars, experience College Days and visits to colleges for campus tours. The Achievers program also offers a paid internship program to those who qualify. Oakwood’s Achievers Career Training Class meets weekly and gets things done. Go Future! Go Oakwood!


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