Art with Natural Fibers Fresh from the Farm

Mrs. Jen’s art classes have been busy producing tremendous projects using natural fibers.  Using needle felting techniques, they have created amazing figures including birds and dragons.  While creating their stuffed animals they have been learning about the process of sheering, carding, cleaning, spinning and felting.  Now they have taken a trip to see those natural fibers at their source.  The class trip to Atlantic Farms in Manasquan allowed the students and staff to interact with sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, and a trespassing groundhog.  We made memories feeding the animals, experiencing a pumpkin patch, and witnessing a real-life corn maze.

The trip included a stop off at the Mariners Cove in Brielle to enjoy a brunch fit for royalty.  The students ate their fill of pancakes, potato pancakes, omelets, and hamburgers.  Camaraderie and learning went hand in hand as this group of young men were able to learn and grow in a fun friendly adventure.

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