My Difference Makes Me Stronger

The Oakwood School welcomed motivational speaker, Mark Farrell to kick off Anti-Bullying Month and Red Ribbon Week .

According to his website,, Mark was born with Retinoschisis, a congenital eye disorder, and has been a public advocate for the disabled and supporter of suicide prevention since the early 90s, he is a normal person, but he is kind and he loves to sleep with his acid reflux pillow.

Mark educates audiences on:

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Anti-Bullying & Anti-Teasing
  • Changing Perceptions & Promoting Positive Mental Health
  • Steering Clear of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Self-Entitlement
  • Understanding, Accepting & Celebrating Our Differences
  • Getting on the Road to Positive Self-Esteem

Mark’s dynamic story of how he learned to manage his diagnosis and overcome academic, social and personal obstacles inspired our students.

It was clear after spending some time with Mark that, “My Difference Makes Me Stronger!”
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