Behavior Program

Some of our students have mild to moderate behavioral issues. Oakwood School’s goal is to help these students behave reasonably and appropriately in order to relate well with peers and adults. To achieve this goal Oakwood School has two guidance counselors.

A school-wide Positive Behavioral Supports Program is used to help students learn reasonable and appropriate behaviors in different social settings (classroom, free time, home and community). Our goal is for Oakwood School students to transition into the adult world of education and/or work and have appropriate social and behavioral skills.

If behavioral issues continue to interfere with a student’s ability to learn or interact with others, an individual behavior intervention plan is developed in conjunction with the student, teacher, guidance counselor and administration. Parents and child study teams are included in this process. Teachers develop behavior procedures that will effectively meet the needs of his/her students. These procedures include, but are not limited to Functional Behavioral Assessments and token economies, which are adjusted to meet the individual needs of the students. Weekly group counseling sessions are held by our guidance counselors and social worker in each classroom.

Individual counseling is provided when prescribed in the child’s Individual Educational Plan. However, any child who is in need of additional attention will be seen individually by one of the school counselors. Our primary goal is for our students to behave REASONABLY at all times; it is our responsibility to teach our students how to negotiate and solve problems.