School Services/Career Guidance

Preparation for post high school education or a career is an important component of our educational program. Our guidance counselors help facilitate this transition to enhance opportunities for employment.

Career awareness is an ongoing process. Life skills programs are incorporated into all of our Core Curriculum subject matters including publishing a yearbook, running a school store, and utilizing computer science technology. Additionally, we invite people in the community to talk about their “real life” experiences with our students.

To facilitate career awareness Oakwood School offers:

“Fast Start” at Brookdale Community College:
This program is geared toward academically proficient students over the age of 16. Students can enroll in a variety of non-matriculation courses which serve as an introduction to college level course work;

Y-Achievers Program:

Oakwood School has partnered with the YMCA to bring The YMCA Teen Achievers Initiative Program to our students. This program motivates and encourages young adults by giving them the support, direction and opportunities to pursue their personal, academic and career goals. The goals of the Teen Achievers Initiative are:

-Emphasize the importance of completing high school

-Explore the world of employment and career choices

-Develop talent and leadership skills

-Provide positive role models

-Encourage the development of sound values and a sense of self